President's Annual Report

Annual Report
Steve Smart presents his Annual Report.
He congratulates Greg Walkington as the incoming President and wishes him well with the Rotary year to come.
President’s Report -2016/17
Meeting Schedule
Our meeting schedule has changed considerably during the year. It is now
  • Week 1-Open Board meeting
  • Week 2-Business Network meeting
  • Week 3-Normal meeting
  • Week 4-Evening Social meeting
I believe the changes have been successful but the trial of the Open Board meeting will be reviewed at the beginning of the next Rotary year.
We have formed a partnership with the North West Business Alliance during the year. Together we have hosted a number of Business Network Lunches and are currently working on the North West Business Awards.
Business Network Lunches
The business Network lunches have been very successful this year with a trend of increasing attendance. The lunches are doing a lot to increase the profile of the Club.
A committee was established at the beginning of the year, chaired by Geoff Wake. It has both Rotary members and community members on it and this has proven to be a very successful partnership arrangement.
With thanks to Godfrey, the Newsletters have been produced every week and have been of a high standard. They have transformed from being a newssheet for members to being a marketing tool for the club.
We have increased circulation from 30 to over 2,000. This has required the necessity to use MailChimp as a distribution tool. Although this is now a cost to the club, the benefits to the club have been great. They include:
  • Paid advertising
  • Mutual advertising support with other organisations
  • Financial and in-kind support from a number of businesses and organisations-Skala Bakery, Semaphore Foodland, Adelaide Business Hub, WOW FM, Platinum Event Agency, Port Adelaide Enfield Council.
  • Wide exposure and recognition in the community
Friends of Rotary
We have established a group entitled Friends of Rotary, which currently has 30 members.
This group includes individuals as well as representatives of organisations that have supported the Rotary Club during the year.
This includes Skala Bakery and Semaphore Foodland.
We have recruited one new member during the Rotary year. Membership and recruitment remain the biggest issues the club has to face. The development of a Membership Strategic Plan is underway. Club members have discussed this issue at several meetings and the final steps in finishing the Membership Strategic Plan will be put in place early in the next Rotary year.
Facebook and Website
There has been a lot of activity on the club Facebook page.
Our new Website is up and running and we owe thanks to Graham Fusson who has been of invaluable help in making this happen
Peter Kittle Holden
We have received enormous support from Peter Kittle Holden during the year. They have supported us financially with a number of ventures including The Business Network Lunches, The Golf Day and the Business Awards.
We have participated in a variety of fundraising activities this year. This includes
  • Bunning’s barbecues
  • Skate park youth barbecues
  • Twilight Christmas parade
  • Ocean View College sports days
  • Wonder Wall festival
  • Car parking at the Flour Mill
We have also supported a number of community organisations including
  • Linsell Lodge Aged Care facility
  • Anzac  Eve vigil
  • Anzac Day breakfast
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Taperoo Community Centre
  • The City of Adelaide
  • The One and All
Business Awards
The club is involved in organising this year’s Business Awards. The Port Adelaide Rotary Club in partnership with the North West Business Alliance will present them.
Main sponsors are the Port Adelaide Enfield Council and Peter Kittle Holden
Key partners include:
  • Adelaide Business Hub
  • WOW FM
  • Platinum Event Agency
The launch was held on June 28th and was very successful. It is estimated that 70 people attended the launch. About 30 people stayed for the meal afterwards and about 20 people went on the “Pirates and Ghost” tour.
International Projects-The Philippines
We received a Rotary grant for $4,446. With the money a Comfort Room was built at San Francisco High School. This was at a total cost of $8,085.
Art Show
The Art show raised approximately $3,000 but was an important contribution to the Arts community in our area and to the wider community.
A committee has been set up to look at forming a partnership with local Art groups and to investigate the best time to pit on the Exhibition.
Social Events
We have enjoyed a number of excellent social events during the year including:
  • Low & Slow Barbecue
  • Carmines
  • Coopers Ale House
  • Semaphore Seashore
  • Garden Island
  • The Evan’s household
  • The Jungle Room
  • As well as the annual Crab Fest at Port Parham
In addition we have been on a couple of visits including to Operation Flinders and the City Of Adelaide.
Community Support
We have money and in-kind support to a number of organisations:
  • CARA - $250
  • RYPEN -$350
  • WOW FM -$1,200
  • National Youth Science Forum-$1,573
  • Bartender Fundraiser -$200 plus use of the Tucker Wagon
  • Youth Empowerment Camp -$2,000
  • Shelterbox -$4,000
  • Operation Flinders -$5,000
  • One and All -$2,400
  • ASSP Gallery Youth Awards -$200
  • RYLA
  • The City of Adelaide-$500
My thanks to the Board and all of the members for their support during the year.