Our Work in the Philippines

Supporting Students in the Philippines
Our club has just finished upgrading a toilet block at San Francisco High School in Manilla from an unhygienic, polluted facility into a state of the art toilet facility for both male and female students.
The restoration started in November 2016 and was completed in late January 2017.
The work started with the demolition of all the old facility leaving only the outer and inner walls. The leaking sewerage pipes were relocated from the front to the rear of the building. There was a complete re-plumbing of the block and also a complete re-roofing.
The toilet pans, urinals and flush systems were replaced in both the male and female toilets. The inner walls and the floors were completely re-tiled. The doors and wash basins were replaced. The external hand wash facility was re-tiled and all plumbing to the the external hand washing facilities was replaced.
Once all the internal changes were made, the facility was completely repainted. 
This project enabled students to use a hygienic toilet facility. It also means that students no longer have to leave the school grounds to use the toilets in a nearby shopping centre.
There was an official opening of the facilities in April this year and Rotarian Brian Windle and his wife Liza attended the opening at their own expense. They were very pleased to report back to the club on the success of the Project and the wonderful facility that we have created for the students.
To see some photos click on the link below.